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Why Choose HPI?

Mission Statement

“Provide property management services to our clients by leveraging our lending background in order to provide our clients with higher quality tenants, better asset management, and more convenience for the owner. We use market-leading software with integrated marketing, owner/tenant portals, and the ability to handle maintenance issues quickly to provide faster access to owner’s rental income.”

napa.winery_1690886Protecting your asset

Making sure that your rental property provides you with a dependable stream of income for years to come is our top priority. To insure that your property is well taken care of we provide the following services:

  • Tenant screening – Credit, Eviction, Criminal background checks & rental payment history*
  • Weekly Drive-by’s photographing any potential problems and talking to neighbors to get them to call us if they notice any problems.
  • Property Inspection Reports up to 3 times per year.
  • Online maintenance request to encourage tenants not to wait for a small problem to become a big problem.
  • Contract with tenant to prevent any illegal (federal, state or local) activities from being conducted on your property.
  • Eviction Attorney on retainer

It is our view that if we begin with great tenants, your rental income stream and your rental asset will be protected for years to come. Isn’t this why you wanted to hire a property management company in the first place?

Choosing quality tenants

Great property management begins with choosing high quality tenants. No matter what the location of your property, you want the best tenant that we can find. A great tenant will pay rent on time, keep your property well maintained, and add value to the neighborhood.

Tenant Screening

When we have a prospective tenant that is interested in leasing your property, we pull a tri-merge credit report, criminal background check, eviction and rental payment history*. We leverage our mortgage lending background and underwrite each tenant as if they were purchasing the home by calculating debt to income, asset reserve capacity and credit use to credit available ratio. Our underwriting background means we will not automatically skip over good tenants just because they have a lower credit score.

*If available